Easily process and visualize the sensor data
from LoRa connected devices

Create alarms, apply processing rules,
share and forward your sensor data to external business systems.

Operate an IoT network
based on LoRaWAN technology

LoRaWan provides 10 years on battery, 10 km on range,
ultra-low upkeep cost of massive sensor deployments.

Easiest, fastest and yet most advanced
way to get your LoRa devices
connected to the cloud.

We provide local and global connectivity on long range networks.

Layer Slider

You can display not only one Layerslider but multiple ones on every page. You got all the amazing Layerlsider options for each slider, starting with height, style, transitions etc. The transitions for each element can be set in a fancy drag and drop editor, you got amazing options like mouse parallax effects and a slew of demo sliders to import.